Remote home rehabilitation

Remote home rehabilitation: the future of remote home rehabilitation

We provide healthcare facilities (hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, orthopedic clinics) and also end users with a complete system for remote home rehabilitation.

The system allows all motor rehabilitation techniques to be carried out directly at the patient’s home, allowing the specialist to monitor in real time the motor and therefore muscular activity of the patient under treatment, in a home care regime.

This complex of technologies allows patients to stay in their homes, reducing the risks and discomfort caused by traveling.

The system consists of small and therefore non-invasive and annoying battery-operated sensors that can be easily worn by the patient after a short demonstration of just a few minutes.

These devices allow you to monitor the patient’s motor activity allowing the specialist to control the electronic instrumentation remotely without leaving his or her office.

The system is aimed at all patients who have objective motor difficulties either because they are bedridden or because they are geographically located in places far from the health facility of interest.

The sensors are highly safe for the health and safety of the patient as they are powered by small rechargeable batteries.

Although these are small devices, very advanced levels of electronic and biomedical technology are guaranteed.

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